[tab title=”Jackleg”]

DSC01361A Jackleg unit is the simplest transportable answer to your accommodation needs. The steel jacklegs allow the unit to be placed onto almost any hard surface, and easily craned in or out of position.

The jackleg series ranges from 4′ x 4′ to 48′ x 12′, and can also be manufactured to fit any individual requirements.

The jackleg series can be fitted out for any function – security, office, canteen, toilet/shower, lab, studio whatever your need….

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[tab title=”Modular”]

Installation-Crew-1A Modular Building is the solution to your larger accomodation needs.

A modular building removes the limitations associated with transport by dividing the finished building into separate modules which are then joined together on site.
Modular Buildings can be manufactured to whatever size you need, with whatever purpose in mind eg. classroom, hostel, canteen, training centre, office complex etc.
Modular Buildings offer enormous flexibility, mobility and scope for expansion in one, two or even three storeys.

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[tab title=”Anti-vandal”]

Anti-Vandal Units are the ultimate in site security for you and your equipment without compromising on comfort and functional space.
These durable and robust steel units are far superior to converted shipping containers that are widely available. Ideally suited for storing valuable goods or locating an office in an exposed or vulnerable area where security is a concern.

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[tab title=”Hire”]

Anti-VandalIf you have a requirement for additional space, no matter how short or how long the period, we have the solution for you from our modern rental fleet.

Hiring buildings is a fast and cost effective way of solving your need for additional space. Costs can be covered from revenue budgets instead of capital budgets and in many cases costs are tax deductible for the purpose of business.

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[tab title=”Mobile Exhibition Units”]

Mobile Exhibition Unit
Do you visit trade shows, exhibitions or the ploughing championships to display or sell your goods/products?
Do you want to be up and running within minutes of arrival at the event and departed and out the gate the minute it is over?!
Well then you have to consider a mobile exhibition unit from Masterkabin.

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As we all know, in the current climate, price is “all important!” To that end, over the last number of years we have taken to refurbishing existing buildings, either buildings that we have bought second hand or ex hire fleet units.

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[tab title=”Elite Range”]
Our elite range of units are for the discerning buyer who wants a kabin but doesn’t want the industrial look of the more traditional unit.

To this end, we are delighted to be able to offer our wood grain laminate range of buildings. These units can be manufactured in any size and we can work closely with the client to design a building that is both functional and attractive to look at.

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