Delivery and Installation


Masterkabin pride themselves on their efficient installations on site, from advanced planning (garda notification, permits, method statements, risk assessments, lifting plans etc.) through to the day of installation where depending on the scale of the project this can involve a number of delivery trucks and cranes, to the final hand over to the client.

For some people the installation process of a unit can seem complicated and expensive, while others may not be sure how a prefabricated building is even brought to a site. We would like to use this page to try and explain the different methods used in order to get your new accommodation on your site and ready to hand over the keys.

The Masterkabin equipment:

We have a fully serviced and certified Scania R480 articulated truck fitted with a Palfinger PK 72002 hydraulically powered truck mounted crane, and Scanreco RC400 remote control (in other words, we have a very big truck, fitted with a large crane capable of lifting heavy units off and onto its own trailer, by remote control). Along with this of course we have a qualified driver and crane operator.

The Masterkabin units:

Firstly all Masterkabin units are pre-fabricated and fully assembled, before they leave our yard, we do not supply flat packs. The whole beauty of a Masterkabin unit is that once it is on site, it is up and running ready for occupation in a very short period of time, from as little as a couple of hours for our smaller units.

If we start at the smallest units available, the 4ft x 4ft toilet units. There are 3 main types of these, the standard kabin, anti-vandal, and chemical. All 3 types are small enough to be delivered to site on a small car trailer if required. The chemical loo is a very lightweight plastic toilet that could be lifted on and off a trailer by hand, and pulled into the required position. Whereas both the standard kabin type and anti-vandal type would need to be lifted on and off the trailer by means of a forktruck or the truck mounted crane.

Apart from a selection of very small units, the rest of the units would pretty much need to be delivered using our articulated truck and trailer, and lifted on and off using our truck mounted crane.

Lifting capabilities of the truck mounted crane:

The distance our truck mounted crane can lift a unit, depends very much on the weight of the unit. The heavier the unit the less reach the crane can put the unit out. So therefore it is wise to bear in mind that all lifting capabilities are very site specific. If the truck is able to pull right along side where the unit needs to positioned it can lift off almost any unit that it can fit on its trailer. However if there is a long reach required e.g. over a house into a back garden, then a separate mobile crane may have to be used. This is an added cost and depending on the size of the unit and the overall reach, it can be expensive.

Delivery of units:

The delivery of the units again depends on the size of the overall finished building you require.

To help clear this up here are some facts on transportation on Irish roads:

  • Any unit up to 10ft (3m) wide can be transported on Irish roads without an escort.
  • Any unit above 10ft (3m) wide must have a lead car escort with him at all times to warn oncoming vehicles.
  • The widest unit that can be transported on Irish roads with an escort is 14ft (4.2m) wide.
  • There is a height restriction of 4.65m (approx. 15ft).

Due to these restrictions kabins are usually built with standard widths of 8, 10 or 12ft, and in some rare cases 14ft. If you require a wider building, then the units are split into modules that are joined on site to form a wider overall building. These modules are built within the 12ft width for ease of transportation.

The Installation:

The installation of the units again depends on what type you are going for.

If you are getting a self contained jackleg unit, then the following applies:

  • Unit is delivered to site and offloaded using a crane into the desired position.
  • If the ground is solid the jackleg unit can be placed directly on the ground otherwise small concrete pads maybe required under each jackleg.
  • The unit it levelled.
  • An ESB power supply must then be brought to the unit by a qualified electrician.
  • If you have a unit with a sink or toilet then the necessary plumbing would need to connected outside the unit, to bring water and remove waster water.
  • Your unit if ready for occupation.

If you require a larger unit consisting of separate modules, then the following applies:

  • A modular building requires a more permanent baseworks, consisting of a shallow foundation around the perimeter of the building and across the centre, with blockwork on flat built on to it, to form level dwarf walls with which to sit the modules.
  • The modules are delivered to site and offloaded on to the blockwork using a crane.
  • The modules are sealed at the joint, both internally and externally.
  • An ESB power supply must then be brought to the building by a qualified electrician.
  • If you have a unit with a sink or toilet then the necessary plumbing would need to connected outside the unit, to bring water and remove waster water.
  • Floor covering is put down hiding any evidence that the building came in separate parts.
  • The building is then ready for occupation, this process usually only takes 2 days on site, for a typical 2 module building.

In Summary:

  • Small units can be delivered to site quite easily and offloaded into position using our truck mounted crane.
  • Depending on site conditions a mobile crane may be required to lift the unit into hard to reach places.
  • If you require a wider building than 12 or 14ft, it will be split into modules, and delivered to site separately and then joined to form the larger building.
  • Typical installations range from a couple of hours to 2 days on site.

We hope this explanation on the installation of our units has helped you understand the process better. If you have any further questions please contact Anthony or Colette on 021 4775555.

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