Anti-Vandal Units are the ultimate in site security for you and your equipment without compromising on comfort and functional space.

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[tab title=”General”]

These durable and robust steel units are far superior to converted shipping containers that are widely available.

Anti-Vandal units are manufactured new from pressed steel allowing unprecedented flexibility in terms of size and layout.

They are easy to maintain and are made of high grade steel ensuring a long life span.

Protected with 2mm fully-welded, profile steel panels, 3mm steel door and optional shutter mechanisms on windows.

Ideally suited for storing valuable goods or locating an office in an exposed or vulnerable area where security is a concern.

Anti vandal units can be built in both jackleg and modular building styles.

Anti vandal jackleg units offer the same transportability as the standard jackleg units, and come fitted out with all the features you require and offer more security.

Anti vandal modular buildings again offer all the flexibilty, space and high quality of finish that standard modular buildings offer, but with the peace of mind that only an anti vandal unit can bring.

[tab title=”Design”]

As with any Masterkabin purchase option you can specify any aspect of the design and layout of your building, from window locations to sub divisions to create the required layout that suits you best.

Anti vandal units can again be joined together using link corridors, and also stacked if space on site is limited.

Our design department can work with the client to come up with the best anti vandal solution to suit their individual needs.


[tab title=”Internal”]

Anti vandal units are finished internally to a very high standard.  Each unit has a painted plasterboard internal wall finish,or as an extra we can supply a plastisol coated internal wall finish which is impact resistant and maintenance free.

We can also incorporate both an office and a storage space in our “combi- units” . This allows the client the chance to satisfy their needs in one simple unit. The office side provides a comfortable area complete with all the features you would expect from our kabins. The storage side of the unit can be accessed independantly from the office, and the 2 large container like doors mean large items can easily be stored away.

Extras can include:

[tab title=”External”]

Anti vandal units are not as versatile as our other products when it comes to external finishes as their main function is to deter vandals and to withstand any wear and tear.

However they can be professionaly spray painted in the factory in a wide variety of colours from the RAL range, to match corporate colours or surroundings.



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