Since the first of January 2019 the new 2017 Building Regulations for Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Energy – Buildings other than Dwellings, has come into effect.

What does this mean, to me, when considering a Masterkabin building?

Part L sets the minimum standard of insulation required in a building.
If your building requires planning permission, it must comply with these standards.

OK so what are the levels of insulation?

The levels are divided into 4 sections:

Each of these have their own max U-Value requirement.
U-Value being a measure of the heat transmission through a building part i.e. the amount of heat that is lost, the lower the U-Value the better, as less heat is lost.
The max U-Values as part of the new Part L regulations are as follows:

Diagram from PART L of the TGD’s

As part of these new regulations we have reviewed all elements of our buildings and upgraded our systems to achieve and exceed these requirements.
Below are the U-Values achieved by Masterkabin Buildings from January 2019:

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