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[tab title=”General”] A Jackleg unit is the simplest transportable answer to your accommodation needs. The steel jacklegs allow the unit to be placed onto almost any hard surface, and easily craned in or out of position.

The jackleg series ranges from 4′ x 4′ to 48′ x 12′, and can also be manufactured to fit any individual requirements.

Check out our size guide by clicking here:

The jackleg series can be fitted out for any function – security, office, canteen, toilet/shower, lab, studio whatever your need….

[tab title=”Design”]

Jackleg units are mainly standard built but can be designed to accommodate every specific need.  Kabins can be joined together by means of a link corridor and also stacked on top of each other to reduce the footprint if space on site is limited.   This allows the customer the opportunity to expand to suit his or her needs.

Clients can talk to our sales and design team who will work from a basic hand sketch through to a detailed AutoCAD layout, thereby developing a specific customized design.

Using 3D design, Masterkabin can show the client exactly what the finished product will look like.


[tab title=”Internal”]
We carry large stocks of new and good quality used jackleg buildings and we have a range of buildings available from our extensive rental fleet.

Each unit has a plastic coated internal wall which is impact resistant and maintenance free. Electrical sockets, lights and heaters come as standard (quantity dependent on size of unit) and there is vinyl floor covering throughout. As with all our products, these units can be customised and built with additional features and your preferred layout.

Extras can include:

Jackleg units are finished internally to a very high standard.

Our sales team would be pleased to discuss these options with you.


[tab title=”External”]

The external finish of the jackleg unit is as versatile as the kabin itself.

By simply choosing a different colour of plastisol steel, you can completely change the face of the kabin. With cedar cladding or render, a client can dramatically alter the external appearance of their own individual unit.  An ‘A’ Roof or Nordman Roof Tile effect can further add to the desirability of a Jackleg unit.

Extras can include:



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