Office units

Office Unit

This is an another example of a large office unit but with the furniture and equipment needed to run an office. It also has safety features which include smoke, fire detectors and a battery powered light. A major advantage of hiring an office unit is if there is a problem with the unit which is very unlikely to happen we would fix the problem without a fee as we are responsible for maintenance of all units that are on hire. If you were to buy a unit there would be a 12 month warranty. If you are having problems with the office unit after the warranty has expired contact us and we will try our best to help you.

office units
office units
office units

Here is an another example of an office unit. These kinds of units are great because if you wanted to build a permanent building you could be waiting a really long time for that to be made because of the time for getting the workers and resources to build the permanent building. If you were to get a jack-leg unit you could be getting one in a very short time. Which is one of the main benefits of hiring or buying a unit.

 Another good benefit of hiring or buying an office unit is being able to move the unit around compare to a normal building which is immovable.

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